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Air Pollution

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) and the Partners for Clean Air Act throughout the hot summer months will continue to alert the public on Air Pollution Action Days, when air pollution increases due to heat and sun. Daily reports of air quality measurements are provided to the media in order to notify the public that levels of air pollution pose a health risk, especially for those with respiratory or heart illnesses.

These notices alert individuals in the Chicago and northwest Indiana area, as well as the Metro East area that low winds and high temperatures have the potential to produce elevated levels of air pollution, both ozone and particulate matter, which could reach the orange level, "unhealthy air quality levels for sensitive populations or generally unhealthful."

The goal is to not only alert individuals of the increased pollution levels and to advise them to take necessary precautions; it is also to encourage individuals and businesses to take actions to reduce pollution.

More information can be found at the Partners for Clean Air Act website.

Partners for Clean Air Act